Spin with Nydia

This session is in the past.
  • Start Date:
    Friday, 12 August 2022 at 6:00 AM
  • Duration:
    45 Minutes
  • Location:
    WW Poto Studio
  • Instructor:


  • Description:
    Increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve lean muscle definition for your legs and core, burn calories and lose some weight, relieve stress, join a team and push through your limits!!!!!
    We have easy riding as a warm up and cool down and everything else in between!
    Seated climb, ricing climb, standing climb, racing speed, maybe some SLOW & HEAVY conditioning....
    Up hills, over mountains, flat roads, interval training and breakaway challenges....all to motivating music

    What do you need to bring for this class?
    Towel +Water Bottle

    If you have any injuries or need a modification for a move, please talk to your instructor before class begins and let them know of any restrictions. They will be glad to assist you.
  • Notes: