Aqua Fit

This session is in the past.
  • Start Date:
    Monday, 27 November 2023 at 6:00 pm
  • Duration:
    60 Minutes
  • Location:
    Te Huruhi Community Pool
  • Instructor:


  • Description:
    LOCATION: Te Huruhi Community Pool
    20 Donald Bruce Road, Surfdale

    The magic of water!
    Water is 800x denser than air and is therefore a gentle environment to exercise in.
    1. Cardiovascular - because of its low impact and buoyancy, water allows you to work harder for longer.
    2. Muscle strength - the resistance the water creates allows you to safely do muscle strength exercises.
    3. Flexibility - Ranges of movement in your joints are greater in water and therefore relieve muscle and joint stiffness.

    All other exercise benefits apply in water e.g lowers Blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety.

    Most of all - it is a lot of fun!

    Please let the instructor know if you have any existing medical condition or an injury. If you are unsure the class is the right fit for you, contact us at 09 3722020 or email us at

    Unfortunately there are no showers available at the community pool
    Pool guard is present at all times during the class
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